About Us


Making soaps and body care products is my all-time favorite hobby. After a much-needed change in my life, my intuition led me to move to Montana in 2019. During this time, I entered into an awakening period and became more spiritually enlightened. As this happened, my love for the natural beauty of Montana began to pour into my thoughts and I became inspired to start creating jewelry.


I love to be inspired by beauty and use that inspiration to create something positive. With my soaps, they are made using simple, wholesome ingredients that are good for your skin. The ingredients in my soaps come from local, natural organic sources. I love knowing that my soaps and skin care products that are being used are also good for the skin and enjoyed by my customers.


Now, living in East Helena Montana, I spend my time enjoying God's Country with the people I love. I am constantly inspired by our beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, creeks, and endless landscapes.

Big Sky Country has called me home. 

- Scarlette Bourne

Owner and Artist of Bourne Organic Creations.

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